Midnight Snack: Chew on this

How often you wake in the middle of the night for some unhealthy snack? We wake up, quite often, and would like to change this habit of ours. Apart from eating at midnight being unhealthy, the movie Midnight Snack made sure that it’s downright scary. Maybe the movie could help us to improve our eating habits? Not sure about that, but what we would like to say for sure is that Midnight Snack is about a woman who wakes up at night for a midnight snack and what she encounters is scary.

The actor does a good job of acting, it’s subtle and not over the top at all. The music is downplayed which helps this movie in giving you a feeling which is real, you don’t miss having background music for a large portion of the movie. The camera angles work, the editing works and doesn’t waste any time in getting to the point, and the entire concept of eating at midnight is nicely executed in form of a story and connects with most people, that’s what horror genre is all about, taking the boring part of your life and making it downright scary. At 3 minutes the moderately budgeted movie is timed well and works wonderfully in creating a right ambiance, and grim mood. We say, watch it!