Parametric Expression: Abstract horror short

Parametric Expression is an eerie horror short about the different facial expression which explodes to become something of a bizarre abstract art. We found the animated short not scary, but interesting as the effort put into is commendable, and it has some creepy scenes which steal the show. The short animated movie played with different expressions with ease and smooth evenness. It made the entire movie look beautiful in its own haunting way as if one is in a trancelike space in a dream.

We love the music and how it was used in the short as it changes its tempo at the right moment enhancing the entire short movie experience. Parametric Expression is more like a dream, where abstract art is used as an expression which makes you think about a melting pot where confusion and delusion meet to confuse your identity with your emotions or something like that. It’s open to interpretations, is what we feel and it works in the movie’s favor.

So the movie looks good as if one is in a state of a trance, like in a dream, and the music combines the eerie factor in the movie with a wonderful flourish. We liked it for its charming execution which has the potential to give some people sleepless night. In short, we would recommend this movie, watch it for its wonderful execution with the eerie factor.