We always come back

Wonderful editing, the horror short looks beautiful with subtle background music which gives you an eerie feel from the first shot itself. A really scary experience watching this horror short movie as it seamlessly moves from terror to traumatic. Your heart goes out to the bereaved husband, as he wakes up sleeping on a couch jolted out from a memory featuring his late wife. ‘We always come back’ is about a husband haunted by the memories of his dead wife and their child.

The shots look beautiful and are strung together to give you a complete picture without missing a beat, without missing out on the flow. The characters look the part, and its actually scary and sad all at the same time. The cinematography is stunning and at little over 3 minutes, you don’t feel that the movie rushed into anything nor do you feel that it was mindlessly edited. The movie lingers on the traumatic experiences by showing you a visual imagery which sticks in your head, long after the short is over because it’s that powerful, and that’s the beauty of movies, they have the power to move you from the inside. Movies like these are not enjoyed but experienced, and this is one horror movie which needs to be seen.