Closet Space

Closet space is made by those guys who made the insanely popular Lights Out which is all set to become a full-length feature film. That’s a lot of weight to put on your shoulders, having done an exceptional film before releasing another one. Expectations are mountain high, and to some extent even acceptable since we would love to get good quality short horror flicks, and would like to encourage the trend of powerful horror shorts that punch you right in the gut. But we were a little disappointed. The horror short was made more in the lines of humor which means it was funny and not scary. Sure there was good suspense build up which didn’t go to the end as expected, but it was surprisingly funny, at least we found it funny.

Closet Space sadly wasn’t made to excel. So firstly you are directed towards a closet which has ample empty space which can easily hide a life-size body in it. But the director takes a totally different route of something similar to clones or doppelgangers which seemed a little out of place and not really great.

At the short time, the movie goes forward lazily, but there is nothing to complain about editing. Acting wise, we have the same actress who wears her clueless expression with ease. She is a find, that actress we tell you, she connects with the audience well.

So in short even though we didn’t find it scary, it’s watchable and you can watch Closet Space for the familiarity it brings you from the Lights off days. It’s a one time watch.