LOT254: Must watch

When a man tinkers with a vintage camera, little does he realize that he has just unlocked terror. A simple plot line, LOT254 looks brilliant with the equally beautiful set designed with attention to detail, and for that reason itself you should watch this movie. The actor can act to our delight and takes full responsibility of owning this short and play a big role in making it a success. He has us the audience glued to the seat, from the start itself. Someone on the page remarked that the actor has emotive eyes, and we believe the commenter, as our protagonist knows how to connect with the audience and scare them.

The movie unfolds in its own laid back style which works wonderfully in capturing audiences attention as our protagonist wrestles with the camera equipment making the audience think what else is going to happen next. A movie with no dialogs, a perfect mood is set up with fine-tuned lightning, and wonderful background music which jolts you from your seat as the scary moments arrive. LOT254 is a movie you should watch if you are looking for a good scare. Here is a specimen of what a good horror short looks like.