One Minute Horror Movie: Angsty horror short

When you see the first scene as some punk kids breaking school property, you know the party’s just started! One Minute Horror movie seems lazy with a¬†powerful opening, as they didn’t find it important to give their short horror movie an original name which does a decent job of being scary. We love the ambiance, it’s filled with chaos, and action, and the class of 2015 are having fun which means the mood of the movie was set just right, the location, considering a lot of these short horror movies are moderately or low budgeted, One-minute horror seemed good enough, the set and location looked believable which is important and adds up to the whole movie experience.

The only problem we have is that it was left at a cliffhanger which we were not really satisfied with. It felt like we were given a half-baked cookie. We want to know more about the ending which came abruptly. It felt more like a trailer for a teen slasher movie. The music is good and adds intensity at just the right moment. The makers made sure the actors act as the scenes had a lot of aggression and energy put into their characters which worked in giving the entire movie a raw feel to it which is good. We say it’s okayish and a good one minute watch.