Shadow Puppets

Shadows are filled with darkness living in the fragmented corners of the light. Using it as a haunting theme is pretty cool, but using a protagonist who we are unable to root for is defeating the purpose of the short film. While our character is reading a book, he is distracted by his dog and starts pulling the prank on the cute dog by moving his hands creating shadows, what happens next is telling you the entire story of Shadow Puppets, so we will refrain from saying more.
The only good part about the movie is the title, as we like the name of the movie, Shadowy Puppets but it fails to gather  admiration from our side as it’s slow even at a little less than 2 minutes. The location and the camera angle are stagnant most of the time, it works for a movie which can do with one scene. The music is subtle but doesn’t add up in enhancing the movie experience. The climax is slow and not scary at all. You can give this one a miss.