The Rake is inspired by a Creepypasta story which is creepy. It’s about a family terrorized by a creature in their home. Creepypasta are stories found in the several horror forums and other sites which are passed on and on. The name creepypasta is derived from the word copypasta which is an internet slang for copy pasting text multiple times over different websites.

When a creepypasta is made, you can be sure, that it will be good since is virally copypasted countless times. And The Rake doesn’t disappoint. The set looks detailed and sleek, actors know how to act, makeup is believable too and the ambiance takes it own sweet time to build terror which works well in hooking the audience. The creature is scary, and the background music plays in sync with your heartbeat giving you shocks along the way movie progresses.

Overall the movie looks good with good special effects thrown in making it a watchable fare. Though there were some questions which remained unanswered, like how and why the creature attacked, the tone and quality of the film is good to view it for more than one time watch, as at the crisp timing of a little over 3 minutes, the movie is not edge of the seat, but holds on its own through powerful climatic scene which is when it picks up momentum goes up with the bang. So we say, watch it!