No Service terrifically uses wilderness, to give you an excellent movie which shows a grim picture of isolation through wonderful storytelling without getting distracted. A fresh outlook, on something loads of commercial mainstream movies churn out year after year, No Service stands out for its simple execution with multiple layers, and characters with the detailed background story. You can say the movie is modestly budgeted but they cleverly use the location to optimize your connect with the character and the dilemma they are in. No Service is about getting stuck in a place with no signal or service and the outcome the movie shows is scary.

We found the movie to be brilliant, as compared to other movies. At 5 minutes, the movie doesn’t disappoint and uses sharp editing to focus on the story. Long shots are used to capture the various moods of our protagonist with ease while making the audience feel the anxiety for the situation the character found herself in. The isolation and later desperation can be easily viewed through subtle background music which at the start of the movie remains absent only to make an entrance at the crucial moment. We say watch this one right away!