Flicker: Must watch!

Flicker received thumbs up review from popular filmmaker Peter Jackson who said, the movie has, “Very clever story-telling; terrific use of the room, Fx visual, and sound design plus wonderful performances, create a genuinely scary, very memorable one”.

The movie works in a lot of ways, apart from good story telling, it has right grim ambiance which smoothly transitions to give you an experience of utmost terror. The characters are emotive and believable and so is the atmosphere which reeks of melancholy. We like how the character is going through coming in terms of the vision she sees, which as Peter says is some powerful acting. The music is killer which gives you several ahhs! moments. The long shots are captivating, and the story is rich and layered which gives you ample space to connect and invest in your character and story. We think this is a wonderful attempt in horror short which can be an inspiration for a lot of other short horror directors out there. We give this movie two thumbs up.