I Am Awake : You will too after watching!

Animation movies have revolutionized storytelling experience. With the use of your imagination and storytelling techniques, one can push boundaries reaching new heights where the sky is the limit. Still there are many folks who consider animation is only for children since the market it largely caters to belongs to the kind who spend most of the time in front of television sets. So when a horror animation movie like I Am Awake comes out and scares the hell out of you with simple story interesting plotline and some stunning sketches, you feel happy.

Yes, a lot has been done in short horror market, but animated horror movies are still a niche. We would like to see more of animated horror short movies as you can get so many stories out like this one. The sketches look beautiful, and they are not as smooth which adds a distinct charm and takes its own time to let the audience linger over the world build by the makers. Initially, one thinks the movie is about a sweet romance which quickly turns to terror to give us one hell of a twist. As the description says, watch it with headphones and dark room, we say the ambiance and the build up was nice enough to give you the jolt and you really don’t need these tools to give you a good scare. We say, watch it!