Smile dog is a creepypasta movie on what happens when you go on an adventure to expose urban legends. The short is directed in the form of a video log and is more like a memoir which gives you a peek into the life of our protagonist who has to submit a college project. In short the movie is not scary at all. But that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. So what is it about horror short which attracts folks like us? It’s suspense, killer story and some scary moments thrown in. It’s more or less what horror aficionado watch out for. Though smile dog is not scary, it sure is enjoyable.

Smile dog has a good story with interesting laid back treatment which makes it a fun one time watch. Background music is at its minimum, and the editing is not something to talk about but at a little less than 4 minutes, the movie doesn’t bore, which is kind of an accomplishment. The cinematography is okay, but the story is engaging. Some of the comments suggested to incorporate a jump scare as it didn’t have any, we say, why to add something just for the heck of it. The movie definitely has horror element and it doesn’t need scares just for the heck of it. The idea is splendid and does a good job of delivering an interesting story. We say, watch it.