Stalking someone is scary, but Stalker is not scary, even though one can easily see the movie is striving to be frightful through the climax. It is sad to say that even though the story is interesting, it got predictable in the end, which means the makers should have worked a bit more on the characters. We like the way our protagonists meet in an elevator which gives a good chance to show two people try to converse in a compact uncomfortable space, the discomfort is palpable. While the Stalker is about a woman and her stalker, thew suspense is enjoyable, though same couldn’t be said for the makeup.

There is hardly any music, and the chosen location is an integral part of the story. We hoped to have better characters even though they are decent when it comes to acting. They were straightforward, and they could be written more like regular people and not given bland dialogs which seem kinda fake. We would say this, though, we like the premise and the story but have an issue with the implementation. We would say, watch this movie for a good story, bland acting, and when you have nothing spectacular to do.