The one minute horror film

At one minute, The one minute horror film has suspense, horror, and a twist, and all them come in a neat package of a good story. The one minute horror film though could have come up with a good title, because the title is unimaginative and lazy given we have so many one-minute horror shorts already on the internet.

The story is about our protagonist who doesn’t know where he is. Watch the rest of it get the story as we recommend it. We like characterizations and were scared at the introduction of one of the character so we must say that even on a small budget, the movie made an impact when it came to scaring you big time. The twist is also unexpected and takes you on a journey where you keep thinking what next is going to happen all at the short time of 1 minute. Building a momentum and keeping it is difficult as most movies lose steam after a rocking start, one-minute horror doesn’t do that mistake and it’s a treat from start to end. We say watch it!