The Deacon Suite: Say yes to this suite

Getting back after hard day’s work in a new town, all you would want is to do is relax. At The Deacon Suite, our protagonist is tired, suffering from fatigue and all she wants to do is relax, but can she rest in a vintage hotel room which is possibly haunted?

We like the camera angles and the way it moves letting the audience get acquainted with the room. Music helps to set the mood, starting from slow and slowly gaining momentum, and striking at the right moment. We may be jaded, but we didn’t find the movie to be scary but we must say that the movie is a good attempt and the actor sure knows acting since the movie rested totally on her shoulders. The dialogs helped us to bond with the characters and in turn gave us a sneak into her life as we were busy looking around the nooks and corners of the house.

We liked the movie which might have worked a little bit better with sharp editing, as we thought some scene went on without an impact, but we are nitpicking. A good scary horror movie has a few jump scares thrown in but it’s not a necessity since this one didn’t have any. The build up was really good, and the momentum it started with was maintained most of the time, which is a good sign for any horror movie. So in short we say, watch it!