Scary go round: Not scary enough

Watching movies is an experience, where we seek, action, adventure, drama and even horror sometimes to escape from reality. And so movies are often magical as they take us on a journey into an unknown terrain from the comforts of our homes and offices. As movies are one of the most popular forms of storytelling (others include books and verbal form of storytelling), animated horror shorts push the boundaries when it comes to scaring us using CGI and caricatures. While many horror animation movies are genuinely scary, as they can easily use distorted images to show monsters from our nightmares with ease, ‘Scary go Round’ is not scary at all, sadly.

The intention of the movie was to show us a twisted world of the clowns, which it was successful in conveying, but apart from that, there was no story, no characters, nothing. The animation was beautiful and lent a hauntingly horror feel with clowns scattered around everywhere. With animation, you can do so much with stories, but the makers were busy with building a derelict world for our clowns, and they immersed themselves in it forgetting that it might get boring even in 2 minute tight time frame. It’s a snapshot of a world and that’s it, like a photo you are supposed to admire the detailing of the world created, but the intention of a horror short is a story and it’s missing in this one. Big time. You can watch the movie if you like horror animated shorts devoid of any story or else you can give this movie a miss, and watch some other animated horror movies, which are scary.