Bogeyman: An animated short, you gotta watch!

Every once in a while you come across movies which you find them admirable. This movie is one of them. Movies are nothing but stories which transports you into a different world where anything and everything can happen including meeting with Mr. Bogeyman. And we are glad we met Mr. Bogeyman. Now Mr. Bogeyman is designed to look scary even to grown-ups, and so the makers get full marks for creating a horror short which has a story that connects to you and the kid in you and manages to give you a chill. It’s not scary, which means there is no jump scary moments but this action-packed animated movie is so much better than movies made with people, only because there was a story with believable characters and a twist.

The animation looks good, even though it’s not Pixar-level animation, the characters are designed well, there are no dialogues and you don’t miss them. The camera angles give a glimpse of the rooms which is detail oriented, and when the mom becomes feisty you want to whistle. In short you are invested in the story from the first shot itself, which has crisp editing and wastes no time to get to the point. So we say, watch it!