The Book of Eibon

Slasher lovers may rejoice as the makers of The Book of Eibon attempts to capture the thematic style of, Lucio Fulci, also nicknamed the Godfather of Gore with success. While the story is about the book and how it has the capacity to open the gates of hell, the horror short shows some pretty graphic gory contents which may not be suitable for viewing.

As our protagonist goes on a journey to find what exactly is going on, we were left with several unanswered questions which we may want to add, hampered our total understanding of the movie. For example, we wanted to know more about our characters, and we were not given enough meat to chew on. Speaking of meat, the movie shows cannibalism in its full glory, though the editing part would have helped by not repeating the same scene twice. We wanted to see more of the librarian guy who was all creepy, but he didn’t have much to do.

The music is not lending anything to the movie, and we don’t think there was any need for background music at all. Watch The Book of Eibon for its gory graphics, and the detailed makeup of the victims. They are so lifelike it makes you feel uneasy. As the makers want to cause you discomfort, they are achieving their goal by using multiple tools in their arsenal, to hit you right in your gut – from spiders to blood, to cannibalism, to stuff coming out of your mouth you got it all in this little short. So watch it if you are a Lucio Fulci, and want to watch a slasher movie.