Alien Worms

A movie is a joint endeavor where each participant brings their own expertise and a part of themselves into their movie masterpiece. So when a movie presents itself as a one man army – doing everything from writing to editing to handling the camera to special effects – you are a little concerned you think, will it be worth it? That’s precisely what happened when we saw the movie Alien Worms.

The Director Andrea Ricca did all the scripting, shooting, acting, editing, special effects, 3D modellation, and animation. The work is a zero budget production, it had no external contributions. It was made on a FullHD camera and a computer. Additional special effects were created by Emanuele Taddei (Spaceship modeling) and Tom Drinovsky (Worm modeling).

Making movies is difficult, it needs patience and hard work and that’s why making a movie with your fellow men makes it easier. So you can imagine the amount of work it must have taken to make this particular movie all on your own. One of the best parts of making a movie on your own is you save a ton in terms of the money. At 0 budget the movie manages to tell a story featuring a monster that landed from outer space all set to wreak havoc on our planet. There are no dialogs and it needs none. The creature looks good in parts, and the special effects are worth it considering the budget. So all we can say is if one guy can make a movie which looks like this, imagine what he can do with a full blown team. Should you watch this movie? We say, watch it as a tribute to all the alien movies.