Black Handbag: It’s sad, not scary

A horror short about an evil handbag, it’s robbery by a harmless thug and the devil’s daughter, the movie has all the elements to become an absolute favorite of ours. At 8 minutes, we expected plots, layered sub-plots, character back stories and a twist. Sadly we were mistaken. We were mistaken badly. Because even though the treatment of the Black Handbag is good, it looks beautiful with bright lights and color, the craft of the movie suffered because of lack of finesse, since the editing, cinematography, and the camera angles were lazy. It seemed the makers had money as the characters had believable costumes and makeup, only if they would’ve thought important to invest in building up a rich story too.

Black Handbag has a story, but not a gripping one. It feels rushed with shoddy editing and shabby acting. The actors were given cardboard characters, can’t blame them. The idea about a Black Handbag opens up tons of possibilities for stories, but the makers decide to keep it boringly simple. The horror short movie provides several opportunities to take Black Handbag reach a glorious climax where all the backstories like the opening scene and the character backstories are nicely tied down together to give you a complete fulfilling satisfactory conclusion, but sadly you are not so lucky, with Black Handbag you are given a half baked cookie which keeps you hungry. And gives you a tummy ache. Which basically means there were characters who were popping in and out without any explanation. A lot of questions were unanswered. Sure we know the handbag is evil, but why? The evil entity pops out without knowing her story. So in short, we wouldn’t recommend it, instead, go watch Supernatural.