Not so fast premise is like stuck in a dream with no end. Sounds more like a nightmare actually and it’s executed in a simple impactful way which hits home. Now how many people have faced a dream like this where you keep walking or falling and you just wish that you would reach your destination? I bet many. That’s one of the reason Not so fast works as the makers took an entirely relevant experience and spun a story around it which is totally believable. One of the reasons for it to be a success.

Now is it scary? It makes you feel not at ease. It reminds you of the uncomfortable feeling you have when you are unable to reach your destination, and because of that, we say the makers were successful in accomplishing their goal. Balancing humor and horror is difficult but Not so fast does it like a pro. Check out the end, the characters, and their chemistry is evident in a couple of dialogs they share among themselves. Here is also another bit of trivia- the husband-wife duo is married in real life too. So should you watch the movie? YES!