Orphus looks good, and the classic creaking doors are extra scary because of the sound effects. Though the story seems a little cliched, the treatment is impressive. A haunted wheelchair is a new idea fleshed beautifully in Orphus where each shot moves along without any wastage of time, which means there is super editing involved, and with beautiful cinematography, the movie doesn’t fail to disappoint with some sharp jump scare moments.

Our protagonist has hurt her leg which is how she comes in contact with a haunted wheelchair. Using a handicap and exploring the vulnerable part of our protagonist is a good sign as this way, the audience has a character that has a backstory. And this backstory helps to connect with the story and in turn, let the audience invest in the story. Each moment has something to offer, and not a scene is out of place. The location is good, which looks sleek and the house from the outside looks really inviting and cozy, while the inside of the house looks claustrophobic. So in short, there is a good story, with couple of jump scares thrown in, builds momentum and maintain it, decent background music. We say, watch it today!