Ouiji looks good with the usual haunted ingrediants thrown in which makes it interesting only for some time. Later it stretches. Editing would have helped Ouiji, but the lack of interesting story wouldn’t actually help it. Ouiji is a story about ouija board and how it slowly terrifies our protagonist by chatting online with her. There is an attempt to build momentum, but the makers push it too far which makes the 4 minutes seem like a stretch. Background music enhances the jump scare moments but the story is weak, and one has a hard time to connect with the audience even though the protagonist looks really pretty. The ghost is not scary at all and the time they take to make him appear is too late. It’s playing with your audience, where the audience knows what happens next while the protagonist is clueless. It’s not a good sign when your audience not only knows what is next to follow but also yawn while thinking about it.

Even though the movie ticks right in most of the boxes when it comes to horror genre; good background music, sleek location, relatable protagonist, detailed makeup, the movie fails to really scare you. We ultimately found the movie is an okayish attempt to scare the audience and lacks that connect with the audience which is important for any horror movie works. We say, you can skip this one.