Selfie Scare!

Some movies are cliched, you know what’s going to happen, and if you watched enough horror short, you even know exactly WHEN the jump scare is going to happen. The short time span of 1 minute and 40 seconds also doesn’t help as it only makes your prediction come true. Sometimes being a know it all is not helpful. But with Selfie Scar, you forgive all of it. It’s that good. You know the killing evil spirit is going to so something nasty any moment now. And you still are surprised. Bravo to background music for enhancing the short movie to make it so impactful that it made us go ahh!

Now there are a lot of selfie movies, and the trope is almost the same, but it’s all about the treatment, and here the treatment works and how. Some say selfies encourage narcissism and it robs us of humanity. Saying this does not make sense you know why? Because fellas humanity is already doomed! And so when movies like Selfie Scary! are made, they make an instant connect as people indulge in selfies for several reasons, to feel good about themselves, and that’s why because it is highly relatable, it’s downright scary. We were pleasantly surprised the movie didn’t disappoint when we thought otherwise. Considering the number of selfie horror movies are releasing a lot of people are tired of it, well we can’t help it, most of those reading have indulged in it anyways and we do not judge. What we say is this *WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW*