Night Watchman

Night Watchman is about a watchman looking for his partner. He finds his partner, badly injured, with dripping blood, on the other side of wired fence. What follows next is the story you can watch. Production wise the makers have spent money, as the movie overall looks good, and the actors are believable can act and so is the makeup. But we found the movie to be too short for us to experience it in entirety. At 1 minute 30 seconds, the makers could have fleshed out the story a little better by building up the introduction before bringing up the climax. The editing was too sharp. It didn’t scare us, but it was a good attempt.

You can watch it if you like short horror movies with climax filled with a twist. We didn’t find the twist to be strong only because there was no momentum which leads to the final moment. A 1-minute movie needs a strong twist you have to shock the audience in a short amount of time. But overall it’s alright. You can spare 1 minute to watch the movie as it’s real short, but’s it’s a shame it didn’t go too long, we could have enjoyed it better.