Nice short film

The twilight reference movie may put off some people including me, but then you let it go as the Nice Short Film, (the makers should have come up with a better movie name), looks sleek with some kickass cinematography and clever camera angles. The introduction part was the favorite. The protagonist is a fan of twilight who is interrupted by a young chatty guy who talks about the ‘interesting’ take on vampires. Now that would have been a red flag for the lady and she should have noticed something is fishy at that precise moment.

So apart from being a predictable watch, what made this movie get more than a 100,000 views is that it looks is sleek. The chemistry between the characters is like any high school movie you might have seen, but what gets our attention is that even though we didn’t like the character, the conversation was lively, which was coupled with good direction. The guy can definitely act and his emotional and physical transformation is more than believable. The makeup is really super. But did it scare us? No, it’s an interesting watch for all twilight fans, and we aren’t twilight fans, so we won’t recommend it.