If you thought animation is kiddie stuff, then you have no idea how it can fuel evil in your nightmares. While these disturbing animated shorts filled with an overload of creepiness will keep you straight up at night with a thumping heartbeat, these handpicked animated horror short movies can be enjoyed on a headphone with full volume without any light for a true horror experience. This is no Disney animated movie list.


Behind Close Doors

A hauntingly sad movie which made us empathetic to our characters only because of its music, uneven creepy gothic animation, and story. Read full review here.


I Am Awake

A simple animation about a boy who couldn’t sleep, it’s an animation which will make you want to scribble in your notepad. Read full review here.


Bingo: Animated horror short

A wonderful animated horror short on identity and how it causes delusion when one succumbs to the outside pressure. Read full review here.


Alma: Watch this one

A beautiful looking horror short, Alma is a movie which makes you curious and uneasy all at once. Read the full review here.



Your childhood nightmare is brought to life in this horror short movie which adds just the right amount of action. Read the review here.