Who doesn’t like watching ghost movies? We sure do! The suspense, the build up, the tension and the eventual twist. That’s what an engaging horror story is all about. So grab a large double cheese pizza, and sit on your couch, for we present to you 5 Ghosts short horror movies you gotta watch!



This 1 minute horror short is worth your time for its stunning visuals, kickass music and crispy editing. Read the full review right here. 

Run: Watch this before you go for a run



It’s about a man woken up in a small dingy little room, Woken in an unsettling movie with sleek cinematography coupled with good acting and engaging background music. Read the full review here.

Woken: Watch it



Peter Jackson says about Flicker – Very clever story-telling; terrific use of the room, Fx visual, and sound design plus wonderful performances, create a genuinely scary, very memorable one. Read full review here.

Flicker: This is what a good horror story looks like

The Deacon Suite

A story about a tired traveller all set to crash on the bed, the Deacon Suite is an entertaining horror short which would have been great with a little editing. Read full review here.

The Deacon Suite: Say yes to this suite



A brilliant movie with stunning set and a background music most horror short movie makers could learn from, watch LOT254 for its excellent build up, and how it maintains the mystery till the end. Read the full review here.

LOT254: Must watch