A different style of a horror flick, Ability is based on a creepypasta movie about our narrator’s fascination with a homeless man and his strange mutterings. The use of narration is interesting, and so is the way the camera angles move to show a glimpse of the surrounding. The actor in his costume is creepy as a homeless man with bulging eyes and unsettling smile which makes you uneasy and causes discomfort the moment you lay your eyes on him.

We liked the buildup as well and we are on the same page as our protagonist who is also a narrator we don’t see in the movie. A good short horror story, we think the movie is a job well done. It has subtle music, almost none, but you don’t miss it, and the use of the location is clever. Using a crowded place with dozens of people moving in and out, and still managing to tell a story with a theme which overlaps with horror and psychology, you want to say, ‘job was well done’. We liked the movie as it was successful in capturing our attention and delivering a story with a satisfactory ending. Watch it.