Gardner and Well

The animation gives out an old world charm which lends a creepy feel to the entire movie. An animated ghost story, Gardner and Well is a first episode of the total of 4 episode. Should you watch it? It gives you a nice gothic feel which you might miss in most horror movies. There are no scary elements but it has an eerie sense which makes you feel at unease.
The description of the movie states that “It’s an odd but distinctive sound of a mimeograph machine reveals that Papa Wells is busy printing up memorial pamphlets. The sounds of his daughters Margaret and Meriweather enjoying a game of tag brings him back to the present.” The description says that it’s a spooky journey with the living and the dead where secrets don’t die. We say you better explore this one as the first one looks promising.

It’s interesting as it different. It doesn’t scare you, but stays with you, and makes you feel unease, it has the mystery. And because of all these elements we say, give this movie a watch.