Go to sleep

Sleep deprivation can turn your life upside down. Even an evil spirit with bad makeup is sitting down right beside your bed, you will either run or leave the room. And you will be haggard.

When an evil spirit with an unsettling smile tells you, ‘go to sleep’ you may well do the opposite. You won’t go to sleep and you will be terrified. Here the problem we have with the movie is that it’s not understandable whether the evil spirit is real or a figment of the imagination. In either case, our protagonist’s response is unsatisfactory. It’s not what someone in that situation will do, and so the response is unreal which makes the story seem hollow. Go to sleep ended with an unexpected cliffhanger which didn’t help the story connect with audience as well. So the evil spirit told you, to go to sleep, and you tried not to sleep, but you fell asleep. That’s it. That’s not a story. That’s a sentence.

Apart from bad acting, tacky makeup, clumsy premise, the story could have been better if the topic of sleep deprivation was fleshed out with detail. So in all, we think the movie was a disappointment and at 1 minute 40 seconds, its a waste of your time.