Mortified: Nothing scary about it.

A bunch of kids play hide and seek, which turns out to be horrific. It was meant to be comical with a scary twist but we are not amused. Mortified has kids in it, so you may think its scary. Kids are the best actors in the horror genre, their blank expressions, and their sometimes weird behavior can scare the grownups easily. Most kids are creepy, they don’t know what they are doing, but they still want to do it, like coloring your blue walls yellow. With crayons. Because you didn’t buy their favorite t-shirt with a monkey alien on it. Yeah, they may be cute but they can be a handful. So talking about how creepy and stubborn they can be, Mortified is still not entertaining, let alone be scary. It’s not scary at all. And the story is ruined because they made a huge bet on their twist. And the twist is limp because there is no build up in the start of the movie.

Sure you may say in two minutes time there is no scope for build up, but I say, you are wrong. There needs to be a flow, which was missing big time here, and it seemed abrupt the climax.

Let’s not even go at the rationality of it, for now, we are well aware most people have family members who are embarrassing as in this case, but the whole movie was dependent on the twist which meant the execution was shoddy and so was editing. The story had no punch because it tried so hard. Skip this one, you will be thankful.