Taking our selfie obsession to another level, #NoFilter is a horror short movie which will make you squirm, it will make you uneasy. Social media like facebook and Instagram is a perfect tool to capture human narcissism. While most would argue the rise of technological advancement has resulted in the increase in narcissism amongst our youth, these most people are forgetting that it’s a human trait prevalent since the longest time one remembers. Coming back to our review, #NoFilter is an interesting attempt to highlight our fascination with our pictures and excessively sharing them 24 hours a day.

The movie has no dialogues and it needs none, but its a bit long, since some of the scenes could have been chopped off to make them more compatible for viewing. Just as we were losing interest, the climax hit us hard and we should say, the makeup was scary! We like the kid in the movie who is a perfect specimen who has all the characteristics of a social media fanatic, all ready to flash the selfie camera in seconds. The only problem we had was the length, apart from that, and a little preachy ending, we think the movie is a good one time watch. So watch it!