Once at School

Once at School, looked promising from the first shot as the location looks beautiful and haunting and we thought some spooky scenes await us. It has a Simple concept, simple execution, but simplicity is a difficult endeavor to achieve. A movie which has a universal appeal has simplicity at its core, but it has a good story which keeps us the audience glued in. Once at School has neither a good story nor a gripping character, which makes watching this movie, not really enjoyable.

Considering the makers got hold of a really good looking location, the camera work was lazy, since it failed to capture the tension of what could have been a grim atmosphere. And what really disappointed us was the cliffhanger ending, now cliffhanger endings work if you have provided enough fodder for the audience to chew on, but here, there was nothing. Nothing happens to our character nor the ghost, there is no resolution which felt like cheating. We say, missing this movie won’t hamper your life, go enjoy your evening watching something like ghostbusters, as even though its funny, its more scary than this one.