Shadows lurking from within

The only good bit about ‘Shadows lurking from within’ is the name itself, but even the editor inside us wants to cut out the ending ‘from within’ part, as it goes too long. Just like the horror short which at almost 4 minutes goes on and on. But Shadows lurking from within has more problems and it’s length as is just one of the problems. Shadows lurking from within is about a teacher spending his free time drinking in an empty school. We feel for our character and emphasize with him right away. Now here is a story we want to know, this is the kind of interesting characters who bring interesting plots and twists. But the movie is too simple, and might we add even lazy.

The animation is terrible, and tacky and is not smooth enough. We are not asking for Pixar level finesse but at least the character moment could have been smoother. The background music was hardly there, and the entire premise was too simple. We were yawning when our character opened different rooms to find the source of the laughter, but our patience ran out and we lost connect. We hoped the teacher would too, and just go back to drinking and passing out. Oh, the movie wasn’t scary at all. So, in conclusion, we say, skip this one.