The Cabin

There’s nothing like a short horror flick with nice little twist after a long day of work. The cabin is that horror flick which also happens to be an illustrated horror short which will give you a wholesome experience as it has a story and a twist. It’s a movie with illustrated pictures which remind you of an era gone by. The narration is devoid of any emotion which works in the movie, while many will find the background music

The cabin is the short illustrated tale about a hiker lost in the woods. He stumbles upon a cabin in the woods and goes inside for shelter as night falls. Once inside, he notices a series of portraits on the wall. He would have admired their exquisite detail for years to come, had it not been for his discovery in the morning. The rough sketches with bright colors give you a wicked feel to the otherwise simple story. The movie didn’t waste any time in moving it ahead with crisp editing which made a good watch. An enjoyable journey, watching this short illustrated movie is an experience itself which takes you by pleasant surprise. It’s a pleasant surprise since one is unable to find decent surprises in movies, nowadays. And so for that reason we say, watch it 🙂