The girl in the photograph

A girl in the photograph is about our protagonist who is a photographer out there in the great outdoors, clicking photos who stumbles upon an old frame of a stunning beauty lying on the ground. He likes her instantly. What follows next is you have to see. With no dialogues, it uses the sound of the outdoors to good effect giving us the audience a glimpse of a photographer and his isolated world filled with still photos, and an idea of what a perfect picture looks like.

The movie uses black and white with a dash of color for the effect which works well to enhance the storytelling. As someone who prefers color, the use of black and white felt forceful, as you miss a chance to fill the canvas with thousand colors of the trees and flowers and what not, since color often enriches scenes and movie watching experience. Black and white works in some cases, but not this one. A tad slow, it could have used a bit of editing, but that’s our only problem with it. Rest of it is intelligent and even cheeky. You have to watch the movie to know why it’s worth it. So watch it now!