The Green Ribbon

Based on the classic folktale, the green ribbon is retold many times. The most common version of the tale heard was in Alvin Schwartz’s I Can Read the book, In a Dark, Dark Room. The story is simple, and you are hooked on it from start to end, at 3 minutes the short story is gripping, and the animation has its own charm, even though it’s a little uneven.

The Green Ribbon is about a girl named Jenny who wears a green ribbon. It has no dialogues like the old movie style, and the narration of the story pops up your scene between each scene. For an animated horror short, it’s novel. It was way too short, and the twist took us by surprise, but it wasn’t scary. We don’t know if that was the intention, as the entire short movie had a light theme exploring the relationship between our protagonist. We liked the movie, and at 3 minutes, the suspense buildup was good, and the editing was sharp as well. Not an excellent choice to watch, but it will do if you have nothing else to do as it’s made decently. You can watch it.