The Lullaby

What’s really scary is sleep deprivation, all young parents know what it’s like to wake up at 2 AM after a hard day work only to hear your baby monitor shake you up from your reverie. The Lullaby is a 1-minute horror flick which uses the tight time frame flawlessly to capture the fatigue of our character, who has to wake up and calm down his child. Probably it was his turn to calm their child. Only he doesn’t have to anymore. The baby monitor after a moment sings a sweet lullaby which calms their child. Or is it?

This creepypasta movie looks sleek and the actor playing the part of the part of a tired parent does his job good. The background music enhanced the entire one-minute horror movie watching experience. Using an intimate moment of a crying baby, and adding sinister element is done brilliantly. Though we wouldn’t recommend this movie for young parents who because of sleep deprivation wouldn’t really enjoy the movie, as it may touch a raw nerve, we would recommend it to everyone else. So, watch it!