Upstairs:  You should take the stairs

Horror is about imagining your nightmare come alive by using what you find personally disturbing. It’s about throwing you out of your comfort zone, make you feel uneasy inside your home. Horror is all these, and more. But, importantly it’s by presenting what is close to you and turning it into something sinister. Upstairs, uses the theme of scaring you from a comfort ambiance of a home with tremendous ease. It focuses on the stairs to tell you a story narrated by a daughter about her mother. It’s as personal as a story could get, using an intimate relation and making is totally chilling.

The music is subtle but used brilliantly. The narration is devoid of any emotion, while the tension is palpable. At 2 minutes, the Upstairs is not rushed and takes its own sweet time to build momentum and maintains it. You are invested right from the start and are waiting to see what happens next. Most of the story is your interpretation, where you are imagining the worst, and you are not disappointed in the end. The camera is shaky, doesn’t move away from the stairs, some may find it distracting, but the music and the narration makes it up for it by being super creepy and interesting. You should watch it.