Walls is about our protagonist who is trying to find the source of strange incidents at a place he is currently residing when spooky things start to happen.
In horror movies, consistency is important. Building momentum and sticking to it so that the audience interest never fades. Walls maintains consistency. But it maintains it by being tacky from begining to end. The actor seems bored, the camera angles are lazy, there is no background music, and the movie looks strangely unpleasant. It seemed the movie was made in a smartphone, but even smartphones have better clarity with the option of editing. Yeah and the movie had shoddy editing, it kept going on and on.
We didn’t like the movie, the ending was jarring as it wasn’t even a cliffhanger, but it had a potential to be something good. Even at a low budget, the movie could have been better if they had invested in time, and ironed out spots which didn’t spell out amateur in bold. We say you have better things to do than watch this movie.