The cradle will fall is a mysterious horror short about the deranged girl found in a derelict building with bloodied clothes. The plot is interesting, and the ambiance is grim. It’s made with subtle background music used for maximum impact in the end. The movie has crisp editing at little over 4 minutes with good acting from the actors. Overall it’s a watchable movie, but the only problem we had was the confusion in the climax. A good story solves the conflict, it doesn’t present the conflict at the end where the audience in the dark, and leaves everything as a cliff hanger. That’s a bad way to use suspense. You are not generating curiosity, you are refusing a closure for your story and failing to provide a good story for your audience. Because of it, the movie disappointed us.

The characters are written well, and you get to see their progression into the climatic scene. The camera angles were cleverly used to build momentum, and keep you glued to the seat. The editing is also good as the movie goes back and forth without any confusion and it adds a good layer to an otherwise boring film. The starting was promising, but it wasn’t in the end, and for that reason, you can skip this movie.