The movie Creak is about that creaking noise you hear from your door which may badly need oiling. It’s that same cliched horror inducing tool used by most jaded writers, and directors who use it as a scaring tactic which has lost its charm. But if used correctly the creaking sound can be scary. That’s what this horror short movie does. Creak is a full blown short horror movie about that creepy noise you hear. And at 2.30 minutes it is worth every minute of it.

The movie introduces you to an old nice woman enjoying tv time when she hears a creaking sound coming from a door. What happens next, go watch it. Here the background music is excellent. It’s so good, it can be used as a templet for most horror movies out there. Sure it was over the top, but at 2 minutes, you are already short on time so better to build up momentum. The grim ambiance is set from the first shot itself with some striking visuals. The camera angles and the cinematography look splendid, and the actor though has to do nothing, is successful in adding her charisma. We say, watch it for stunning visuals, and excellent background music ( listen on headphones with high volume) after a hard day work.