A lone man trapped in a room with nothing to do, Thresher is a sepia toned mystery you gotta watch where we explore our character struggle to get out. As a society we encourage to stay occupied, keep working. When the ability to act is taken away from you, what will you do? Can you live comfortably with nothing to do? In the age of multitasking, your brain gets itchy if it’s not at ease, not calm, a movie like Threshers brings chaos in the platter by giving you a glimpse of a man living a harrowing experience. So how will you live without anything to do?

Thresher explores our character and his struggles as he survives being alone against his will inside what seems like a beautiful mansion.

The movie has some sharp editing which smoothly changes its pace in the 7-minute tight time frame without abruption. Our protagonist is played brilliantly by our actor, and the location looks beautiful. The movie is well timed and the second half is about the tension, and urgency which gives you an edge of the seat experience. With great production value, the movie is worth your time. Watch it!