Love hurts

Love hurts is about a recently dumped weeping woman who finds blood on the washroom floor. The horror short movie ticks most of the boxes when it comes to a good horror movie by giving several chills, right atmosphere, and strong background music. At 6 minutes, it’s a decent editing job too which helps the movie maintain the momentum throughout its duration. With a powerful introduction ( break up) the audience is already hooked to the movie from the start itself.

The cinematography looks stunning, and the characters are written well who take the story forward without any dull moment. Adding horror element, the friction between the characters wasn’t really required to take the story forward. If you think about it, the background story of the characters fighting didn’t impact the overall story. But still, it made for an interesting watch as the characters were able to bond well with the audience. And so it seems, the breakup arc was used to make us the audience sympathize with our characters and ultimately the story, which leads to a powerful ending. So watch it! Watch the movie for its engaging story, and impressive execution.